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Why Shipping Has Become Even More Important During Covid

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As the Virus took a grip of the globe, people found themselves isolated or in quarantine, and the importance of postal delivery and shipping has never been more apparent.
Nearly half (45%) of UK adults have been receiving more parcel deliveries since Covid-19 lockdown measures were introduced on 23 March, highlighting the surge in online purchasing during the lockdown stages of the pandemic. In this isolated world, many vulnerable people found that they relied on postage to do a many great things, most importantly receive food and drink, particularly if they were shielding. 
A few days prior to the UK government's lockdown due to the coronavirus outbreak, consumers were already beginning to use delivery services more frequently to order takeaway food and drinks. According to the snap poll on March 18, 2020, 60% of 18-24 year olds surveyed had already increased the frequency they use delivery services. The 35 to 54 year old age group had the biggest likelihood to increase frequency, with 40% saying they would do so. *
*figures from statisa.com
Research has also revealed there is little difference between age groups in regard to this increase in parcel deliveries. While the biggest growth was observed in adults aged 18-34, at 52%, those aged 55+ were not far behind, at 43%. This indicates that older shoppers have become much more accustomed to online shopping during Covid-19.
The world is waking up to online shopping, shipping, and the world of delivery, and it wasn't just limited to young people. The entire world is in the same boat due to Covid-19, so other demographics that were perhaps technology-shy became more familiar with online shopping, and shipping.
Perhaps another fact is the growth of Ebay, the buying and selling platform website, and it is this element of mass online selling that is important.
Second-quarter gross merchandise value, or GMV, sold on eBay platforms worldwide rose 29% to $27.1 billion, and active buyers rose 5%, or 8 million, to 182 million. Not only are people purchasing, they are now also selling, and perhaps for the first time considering the logistics and cost of sending a parcel!
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